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5 Laws of Social Media

Nowadays, social media is utilised by millions of companies to help them find new clients. But as with everything else, there are rules that, if followed, will bring you the best results. Here is a top 5 of my favourite ones:

  1. Be human

Talk less, listen more. The idea behind social media success is to listen to your followers. They are the key in receiving THE FEEDBACK that can make the difference between success and failure. Just like in real life, you find out more about a person by asking short questions and listening to what they have to say.

  1. Be available

If you think that social media means scheduling some posts and then forgetting about it, you are wrong. If you decide to open an account you have to be available to your followers. Accessibility develops trust. Make sure you have contact details on your account and that you reply to any questions your followers might have in a sensitive amount of time.

  1. Quality not quantity

Most people’s dream is to have million of followers or likes. Although having these helps your message reach more people, this is not the most important factor to be considered when talking about social media success.

For example, before working with me, one of my clients was only posting nice images and quotes. She reached a good amount of likes but when I asked her if she makes any sales from social media her answer was: no, but I have a big community. While having a big community is great, not informing them of your services or products is time wasted. I now alternate sales posts with quotes on my client’s Facebook page and even though the reach for the sales posts is lower, in only two weeks since I started she made sales and her traffic to the website is higher than ever. She did lose a few likes in the process but that means that those people were clearly not interested in her services.

One more example would be if your service or product addresses only to the Scottish market. If you have 200 followers from Scotland and other 2,000,000 from China, you guessed: it won’t help you.

My advice: make sure you check your analytics and that you target your ads carefully.

  1. Publish informative content

There are now 42 million Facebook pages. This means that people really do have a choice of who to follow. Information is one of the reasons why people are online. If they like a page, it means there are interested in it and most probably want to find out more. By publishing informative content we keep people up to date with our industry and make them want to come back to our page.

  1. Sharing is caring

Do you know a charity needing more attention? Has one of your clients just published his new website? Have you received great feedback from a follower? Don’t be selfish! Share it!

What else do you think should be a law in social media?

Posted by Lisa / Posted on 08 Sep
  • analytics, facebook, feedback, social media, social media laws, Twitter
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