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5 Social Media Tips for Hospitality

We have been very lucky to work with some amazing businesses in hospitality during the past two years. It is a very exciting industry and we love how easy it can be to interact with the customers.

These are five pieces of advice we would like to offer and that would help hospitality businesses make the best of their social media activity:

  1. If you don’t manage your online identity, your customers will

The first ‘tip’ for social media success is: be on social media. If you don’t create accounts, especially on the platforms that allow people to leave reviews, you won’t be able to monitor and reply to what people are discussing about your business. Hospitality can benefit very much from customer service with the help of social media, so it would be a real loss to neglect it.  Ensure that your reputation isn’t at the mercy of your customers.

  1. Have a responsive website

Make sure that user’s experience on your website is as good as possible. Put yourself in their shoes and think about the information you would like to see when visiting a new place or booking a hotel and make sure you have that information on your website. Another important thing to keep in mind is that the number of mobile users has greatly increased, so keep up with the trend by having a mobile friendly website.

  1. Be helpful

The companies that have the biggest success in social media are the ones that help their followers with information and engage with them. It is normal to use social media to advertise your services but don’t do that in more than 20% of your posts. Offer information about the best things to see in your cities, events and tips on making the best of a holiday there. Combine these with reviews from your customers and contests and you won’t fail.

  1. Speak through images

People love seeing images from the places they will be visiting or from the places they will be hosted in. Tap into this and share as many pictures from within your business as possible, with your products and/or with your guests using them.

  1. Encourage social media check-ins

The more the merrier – especially with the number of people who check in at your business. They offer you free advertising and, if the number is high, people are more trusting in using your services. Encourage your customers to check in by putting a message in their room’s welcome package or a card on their restaurant/ café table. You can also offer certain incentives (discount on some of your services).

We hope you will find these tips useful. If you need help or advice with your social media, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Posted by Lisa / Posted on 24 Feb
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