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6 Benefits of using social media for customer service

You are probably already aware by the fact that the cost to get a new customer or client is between five to seven times higher than to retain one. It doesn’t matter in which industry you are working or which statistical analysis you are following; there is no denying in the fact that getting a new customer is costlier than to retain one. That is why companies are focusing more and more on retaining their customers.

So, the question is how can companies retain their current customers? Well, the answer is simple- by providing great customer service by offering them the ability to engage and interact in real time. Social media allows all of that. I provide you with six reasons for which I trust social media when it comes to offering amazing customer service:

1) Customers stay up to date:

You may say that for promoting your business deals and other purposes you can use television, emails, banners etc. But, apart of the fact they are expensive, what if you have to remind you target market about these sales and deals? What you will do if you have a special deal which you want to promote in a short time and you can’t promote it in a traditional way? At this stage you turn to social media which was designed for last minute marketing. Just one message and all your customers will be notified of your latest deal, great and cheapest way to provide better customer service


2) Instant feedback:

The truth is that people no longer use their phone so much anymore to lodge a complaint or to give feedback on a service. With the advent of internet, consumers are turning to social media for customer service related issues and get instant reply from the company.  This increases reputation of the company among its existing customers and gives them a wide platform to get the attention of other new customers. And if the company is present on social media and replies instantly to its customers then, they will stick with them for a long time. A great is KLM and they offer a 24/7 service in 14 languages so you can get an info about your flight while browsing the internet.

3) Trust:

If there is a customer who is with you for a long time and if companies will use social media to show appreciation to the fact that he chose to stay with them, this will increase the trust level in your relationship. Making him a brand ambassador will get you positive reviews and he will likely promote you to other people. This makes a customer feels that the company acknowledges him and consider them important.

4) Always present:

When you use social media as a means to promote your business and provide customer service then customers know that there is a real person who will respond to their queries whenever they need one. This will boost their confidence in the business being able to solve their problems.

5) Relevant:

On most of the phone call complains instead of solving your problems, companies try to sell you some other services because they know that otherwise it will be difficult to inform people about them. But, when using social media the company has to address your concerns because the whole world is watching.

6) Brand Awareness and Loyalty

Did you know that 51% of Facebook users and 64% of Twitter users are more likely to buy the brands they follow or they are a fan of?* When thousands of people from all over the world are praising a company’s product or the customer services provided, the customers are more likely to get to trust the brand and be keen to try their product.

By posting informative and useful content on your social media channel instead of only salesy posts and by answering your customers/ prospects enquires in a positive manner, your company will be seen as a trustable one that focuses on  customer service not on making money at any cost.

*statistic source: zoomerang.com

Posted by Lisa / Posted on 22 Apr
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