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6 Quick Twitter Tips

Twitter is a great social media network, as it allows users to easily interact with anyone in the world and makes customer service so much quicker and fun. With 302 million active users (May 2015), Twitter is an amazing way of promoting your products and services, while allowing you to engage with your clients and prospects.

Here are 6 Quick Tips that we think will make your Twitter experience much better:

 1. Take advantage of the FREE Twitter Analytics

By going to analytics.twitter.com, you will have access to amazing analytics on your Twitter account. By clicking on the ‘Tweets’ option, you will see detailed analytics of your tweets, for the last 28 days, including overall impressions, engagement rate, link clicks, retweets, likes and replies.


2. Be active

Tweet frequently. No one is going to follow someone who has not tweeted in months. Try to tweet every day or even more times a day, if you can manage. Also, try keeping up to date with what happens in the world and be part of the conversation.

3. Schedule Tweets on Twitter

Did you know that you can schedule tweets directly on Twitter? Go to ads.twitter.com (login/sign up), click on ‘Creatives’, then ‘Tweets’, and then the ‘Scheduling’ button. You can schedule both organic and promoted tweets up to one year in advance.


Save even more time with our ‘Top 6 tips for saving time on social media‘.

4. Pay attention at what you Tweet

‘’ What happens on social media stays on Google forever …’’ therefore, don’t post offensive or negative tweets that may offend your followers.

5. Spread out your Tweets

Twitter users are online at different times during the day and the amount of tweets each users sees each day is tweet-normous. All this makes a tweet’s lifespan very short. Try to re-use your tweets, as this saves you precious time, while making sure that your valuable content is reaching as many of your followers as possible.

6. Period “.” before @mentions

When you place a period before your @mention, your tweet will be shown to all of your followers, not only the person you are replying to/addressing it.

We hope that you found these tips useful and, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask us in the comment section or reach us on Twitter @mediabloomltd.


Posted by Lisa / Posted on 14 Jan
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