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6 Social Media Must Haves for Hospitality

If you run a small hospitality business, one thing that you probably don’t have enough istime. That is why, through this article, I will offer you advice on the most important things you should be doing so that the time you invest in social media can bring you the expected results.

  1. A plan

If you don’t know what you are trying to achieve through social media, the entire process will seem pointless, time-consuming and even frustrating.

Are you looking for more bookings? Or maybe you just want to interact with your followers and offer fun and engaging content? No matter what, once you define your social media goal the entire process will be easier. Here is my example: until last month I had been targeting all SME’s, but since my focus became the hospitality sector everything is easier – from the topic of the blog posts to the message delivered.

2. The right channel for your business

It might seem like everyone is everywhere but if you have limited time and resources, focus only on the two channels where your target market is more active. For example, if your goal is to offer engaging and fun content for your hostel, then Instagram is a must try. Or, if your goal is to bring new clients to your spa – Facebook is the place to start as 76% of the users are females.

3. Visual material

Statistics show that content with images gets 94% more views than simple text. As we are talking about hospitality, these are even more powerful as people want to see images of the place they will visit, or in which they will eat or sleep. On top of that, if you are sharing stunning images people are more likely to share them with their followers. As an example, Skyscanner’s Facebook page is filled with stunning images from around the world, images that receive thousands of likes, shares and comments. This strategy helps with both with the engagement and their brand recognition.

4. Mobile versus desktop

According to Statista the number of mobile users in UK alone is increasing with over 4 million users each year. It is therefore vital for your business to offer a mobile responsive website as well as an easy to use booking system.


5. Pay to play

You have probably noticed that the organic reach, on Facebook especially, is lower and lower. No matter how much time you put into that perfect post, it seems that nobody is seeing it. You might like Facebook less, but you have to think that, in the end, they are a business as well. If Facebook would send all business posts to all the users, they will be inundated by sales and offers when all they want to see are pictures from their families and friends. If users stop being active, businesses lose as well. Paying for advertising allows you to reach your specific targeted demographic at a very low cost (you can start at only £1/day for boosting  a post ).

6. Online customer reviews

Did you know that, according to a survey, 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision? This makes the reviews the second most trusted source of brand information. Most them are linked to the social networks, and this is why your business should be encouraging and monitoring reviews at all time.

I hope you will find these tips useful. If you need help or advice with your social media, please let me know.

Posted by Lisa / Posted on 16 May
  • hospitality, social media, strategy, tourism
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