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Michael Marshall
Web Developer

Michael is an experienced Web Developer and a great team player. Contact him for help in building a new website or updating your old one.

Larisa (Lisa) Macareiu

Larisa is the founder and expert behind Media Bloom. A masters degree and over 8 years experience in marketing has allowed Lisa to excel in this competitive market. Find out more about her on LinkedIn.

Why is Social Media Important For Your Business?

Nowadays, Social Media is the new “word of mouth” for consumers looking to purchase products and services, book a restaurant or a room. A suggestion from an advertisement may be impacting, but nothing beats the impact of a suggestion from a friend. Social media — which includes Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, to name a few – has become a tremendous foundation for the success of businesses. However, it does not take a corporate budget to get your products or services seen online. We will help:

Protect your reputation

Professionally design your website

Update your social media networks

Encourage customers to leave reviews


Thank you to all our clients for choosing our services.