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How to Schedule a Post via Facebook

I love planning ahead and Social Media is a very important part of my weekly planning. Unfortunately I can’t be on Facebook 24 hours a day and I bet you are the same.

For some of you, this feature might be familiar but I had many clients not knowing about it so I thought I would write a post to inform/remind you about this.

I don’t use other scheduling tools (such as Hootsuite, Buffer etc) for Facebook because I like having control over how the posts look and I use this opportunity to check any news from the pages I follow, and make sure I haven’t missed any messages or comments and so on.

In order to schedule a post on Facebook, follow the steps below:


Compose a post




Press the arrow near the Publish Button

step 2


Now you will see the 3 options: Schedule, Backdate and Save Draft. The Backdate option allows you to backdate the post and the save draft option will save your post without publishing it so you can come back to it when time is right.

Schedule the post



By pressing the schedule button you have the option to schedule up to 6 months in advance at any hour of the day.



Now press schedule and you are done.

If you want to edit a scheduled post, go to Publishing tools (top of the page) >> Scheduled Posts. Select a post and you have 5 options:

  • Publish: publish the post now
  • Reschedule: change the date and time your post will be published
  • Remove Schedule: it will send your post to drafts
  • Backdate
  • Delete



In order to edit the text in the post, click the post and then the edit button.



This last option comes with one more benefit as you can see how the post looks both on Desktop and Mobile. Considering that there are over 400 million Facebook users that use their mobiles when checking the news feed, you might want to make sure your post is looking good.

Have fun saving time with this option but don’t forget to be on the platform as often as you can to keep up to date with the news, comments and messages.


Posted by Lisa / Posted on 08 Jun
  • Facebook schedule, social media
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