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Social Media Management

Statistics indicate that 74% of consumers rely on social media to make purchasing decisions. We will make sure that your business gets the exposure that it deserves in all major social media outlets. We will set up, optimise and manage the most suitable social media networks for your company.

Social Media Consultancy

We have built a reputation for providing high-value social media consultancy. This is how we help our clients to achieve quantifiable results from their social media activities. We achieve this goal by first formulating a social media strategy, a social media content calendar and then helping to implement everything on your social media networks.

Web design

We provide highly customised web design services that include images and content specifically created for your business. We set up monthly marketing submissions to the leading local directories and search engines for increased visibility. Our experts are a phone call away whenever you need them.



Newsletters strengthen the relationship between a company and its clients or prospects.

We will add your subscribers to lists, create campaigns and send them on your behalf as often as you need them.

Marketing materials

We provide our clients with a variety of social media marketing materials that will complete their promotional work. We customise these materials to fit unique marketing strategies adopted by most of our clients. We create business cards, social media cover images, flyers or brochures.

Social Media Advertising

It is now easier than ever before to identify groups that receive your ads. We provide top-notch social media advertising services for Facebook and Twitter. Our adverts are always channelled to the users based on the information that we collect from the insights of your social media accounts.


At Media Bloom we provide killer blog content for our clients. We always provide engaging and fresh content to help raise awareness of your brand.

Social Media Analytics

Social media platforms have recently become a very important source of website traffic. This new phenomenon has created the need for data collection associated with social media. We provide such data with accurate interpretations of the impact your online actions have on your business.

Social Media image creation

An image is worth 1000 words. With the amount of information available online, businesses use images more and more to transmit their message in a powerful way. We will create these powerful images for you displaying either a product/service or an interactive image.