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Social Media Party?!

Together with Chiara from Italian Food with Style we came up with the idea of a Social Media Party. The feedback has been amazing so far and we have many registrants even thought there are still 2 weeks left until the event.

Social Media is seen by many as giving a false sense of connection. I don’t agree with this. I have met so many people through social media who are now not only my supporters but also my friends. Chiara is one of them. As mentioned in a previous blog post, it is such a joy for me to be approached at a networking event by people that follow me on a social media platform. The idea of this event is to show that the purpose of social media is to create a two-way conversation. You never go to a networking event and start shouting in the room about what you do (I hope!). You approach a person or a group, introduce yourself and then create a longer conversation with someone you share common interests with. It is the same on social media – you will not get results or create relations without listening to what your followers are saying.

I imagine that on social media you are not talking about cosmetics if you are selling food because you won’t be followed by the right people therefore you can’t create a connection that lasts longer than the lifetime of a tweet.

If you are a SME owner, just like me, social media is a very important part of the marketing strategy, as it’s affordable and a sure way of reaching your clients or prospects. I can’t afford paying for TV ads or billboards and even if I did, I wouldn’t go for it as social media allows me to talk to the right people for my business. Another important bit for a SME owner is networking- meeting people and getting your name out there. The Social Media Party with Style combines both and one thing is for sure: the people attending the party will become your virtual friends.

So what will the party consist of?

Other than tasty Italian food, goody bags, prize draws and great networking, I will be offering some tips on how to make social media work better for your comapny. There will also be some surprise activities to help you connect with each other online and offline.


24th of September

Summerhall Place, Edinburgh EH9 1PL
Main Hall
EH9 1PL Edinburgh
United Kingdom

Fancy joining us? Click here: socialmediapartywithstyle.eventbrite.co.uk

Posted by Lisa / Posted on 01 Jun
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