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Hello, I am Larisa. Welcome to Media Bloom


At 21 years old, I embarked on a journey as a heart emigrant, and although it hasn't been without its challenges, the rewards that have come with being a business owner for the past nine years have exceeded my wildest expectations. I am the founder of Media Bloom, an Edinburgh-based company specialising in assisting businesses in enhancing their social media presence and expanding their client database.

What drives me every day is the opportunity to work closely with my clients and witness the positive results we achieve together. The success is rooted in my dedication to hard work and prioritising client satisfaction. I am passionate about inspiring fellow entrepreneurs to adopt the same ethos. Being named a finalist for three business awards is among my proudest moments.

When I'm not at my desk, I treasure spending quality time with my two children and husband and explore the recipes in our family cookbook.

Lost but not forgotten

My success can be attributed to the support and encouragement of numerous kind souls, from mentors who guided me to those who instilled in me the courage to embark on my entrepreneurial journey. Among these remarkable people, one individual stands out: David McGill, the founder of International Tartans. David not only became my first client but also played a pivotal role in helping me secure my second and third clients through his recommendations.

in memory.png

Until his untimely passing in January 2022, David remained a steadfast supporter, transcending the boundaries of a professional relationship to become a dear friend. He attended my son's baptism, and he called himself the ''Scottish godparent'' of my children :). David's legacy extends beyond his renowned tartans, and the one that holds a special place in my heart is The Spirit of Romania Tartan. I proudly wear and promote this tartan, and I will continue to do so for as long as I am able.

I will be forever grateful for David's support and the significant role he played in my entrepreneurial journey. His friendship and the memories we shared will always be cherished.


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