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One to One Training Sessions

Whether it's a virtual chat or over a cup of coffee, let's dive into the world of social media together! Learn the ropes, get the 'how-to's, and walk away feeling confident that you've aced your social media game. Let's connect and explore!



  • Feel confident navigating major social media platforms;

  • Learn to create eye-catching profiles;

  • Master the basics of content creation and scheduling;

  • Get comfortable with analytics




''I was absolutely delighted to meet Larisa, after I put out an SOS for someone to help me grapple with the beast that is Social Media. Larisa was so attentive to my needs, discussing each question, patiently working me through steps on my computer and phone, and setting up my business centre properly. We covered things like Instagram stories, highlighting, hashtag following, scheduling, insights, editing photos . . . the list goes on! Larisa is a kind, generous, and patient teacher. I’m sure I will be back for some more advanced assistance down the track (either online or in person) and I hope to be in a position one day to put myself on her list for social media management.'' Karenlee T.


🚀 Let us dive into advanced one-to-one training where I will help level up your content game—from design to user-generated magic! Learn to build engaging communities, ace paid ads, decode analytics like a Jedi and polish your strategy for legendary results. Let's elevate your social media prowess!



  • Elevate your content game to superstar status.

  • Dive deep into analytics and optimization.

  • Mastermind campaigns that make heads turn.

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